Divergent Design Studios

Helping neurodivergent people design lives that really work

Is your neurodivergent mind often racing with creative ideas, making connections no one else can see? 

And yet you find yourself stuck, immobilized, lonely.

  • Do you have trouble getting started? And also finishing?

  • Do you hear so many shaming voices in your head that you feel defeated before you even begin?

  • Are you so immobilized by perfectionism that you never get out of your head and actually start making—your art or your life!?

Imagine if you had the spaciousness to pursue the creative connections your brain is constantly making.

What if there were no shame in the quirky, expansive ways your mind works?


Free with your membership:

  • An online (but off social media) community forum with no algorithm and no ads for conversations, sharing, and seeking support

  • Three weekly peer support groups, including group and 1:1 Listening Turns formats

  • Special interest "labs" (e.g., Writer's Retreat, Small Business Lab, Interior & Garden Design Lab, Somatic Healing Lab) where things slow down and are a bit more intimate

  • Bi-weekly peer support groups in Somatic Healing and Small Business Labs 

  • Almost daily 2-hour Studio Time sessions (aka body doubling or co-working) + pop-up sessions 

  • FREE Divergent Design Workshops

Introducing the Divergent Design Workshops

The Divergent Design framework is a set of interrelated core concepts and principles that have emerged through my work on Instagram. These ideas have resonated deeply for many people and seem helpful in giving neurodivergent people insights and tools for designing lives that actually work for us. 

These workshops are offered (almost) monthly, and are FREE with your membership.

The Divergent Design Workshops:

• Disrupting Shame 

• Design Thinking 

• Spiral Time 

• Mise en Place 


How does the sliding scale work?

We are committed to accessibility at DDS, including financial accessibility. Our sliding scale is no-questions-asked, but we ask that you make your decision based on the understanding that $29/month is the value of the membership and that the lower priced plans are meant to make DDS accessible to people who are living with significant financial insecurity. If you are not sure about the value of DDS, we do offer a two week free trial period before you will ever be billed!

If even $9/month is beyond your means right now, email Marta at [email protected] and we will put you on the waitlist for free plans. 

Do I need to have a neurodivergent diagnosis to join?

No. Anyone can join, as long as you understand that neurodivergence is normative and honored in this space.

Do I have to be a designer, artist, or some sort of creative?

No. (Well, I would argue that if you are alive, you are probably all of those things, but you don't need to self-identify as such.)

I don't have a credit card, can I pay with PayPal or Venmo?

I can only take a credit card through this site, but in a pinch, I can work something out for you if you email me at [email protected].

Can I cancel my membership any time?

Yes! And it's really easy. You will get an email each month informing you that your membership is about to renew, and that email will tell you how you can cancel.